John & Pat Halloran:

"We ran a pet food frequency program ourselves for years, and, frankly, it was a heck of a lot of work. We used to keep boxes and boxes of index cards. Customers had to wait while we searched for their card, there was confusion about which items qualified for which reward, and we'd have to remember to get reimbursed by our distributors. It was such a headache!

Now we use HardwareStoreMarketer.com. We set up the program using the reward structure we'd already negotiated with our distributors: for every 12 bags or 144 cans that customers buy, they get 1 bag or 12 cans free.

Every night, the day's transactions are automatically sent to HardwareStoreMarketer.com. They keep track of the purchases. No more index cards! HardwareStoreMarketer.com sends certificates for the free food to our customers, and they provide reports for us to give our distributors for reimbursement. It's so easy.

Our current program is for California Natural, Innova, HealthWise, and Evo. We can adjust the reward structure when we need to, we can add new customers automatically, and we can add new brands to the program. HardwareStoreMarketer.com helped us launch our program with in-store signage, email, and mailers.

There's even a website customers can use to check their progress. After we set it up, we forgot about it, except for the fact that we have happy customers, and we know that making it easy and rewarding to shop with us helps our business grow."

John & Pat Halloran
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