What kinds of marketing programs might I want to implement?

Loyalty Marketing
If you have a Point of Sale (POS) system that captures all transactions and scans coupons electronically, you may want to start a Loyalty Program for your best customers. Most major retail chains now use Loyalty Marketing Programs to keep their best customers from shopping at competitors. HardwareStoreMarketer.com, with the help of our experts, can give you all the tools you need to set up a Loyalty Program. Once you're up and running, HardwareStoreMarketer.com will give you online access to your sales data and response data from each of your best customers to use in email, direct mail, and online marketing. Reduce your marketing costs, increase your customers' visits and basket size, and generate incremental profits.

Frequent Buyer Program
Many retailers use Frequent Buyer Programs to keep customers coming back for their favorite items that they buy most often. You can now do this electronically with the help of HardwareStoreMarketer.com.